This genre of photography has several different names; wedding photo journalism, documentary wedding photography or reportage photography. There is no real difference between the names, it’s more a case of what is more fashionable to say.

A documentary wedding photographer tells a story through pictures. It’s straight forward, but is an art form to do well. Many wedding photographers talk about documentary wedding photographery, but generally their pictures are generally directed with the odd candid photograph thrown in.

For me, an image absolutely has to have context and tell a story to the viewer.  My philosophy of shooting wedding photography is simple; follow my instincts take every detail in to consideration and hopefully document the wedding ‘as it happened’. Reportage wedding photography is about capturing the moment and following the passion of the day. I look for moments that appeal to me and I strive to capture the emotions and energy of the day through the still image.

I am at my most creative when left to roam around the wedding capturing those perfect shots of you and your guests. The moments you may never even have noticed happening during the wedding day itself.  I appreciate that most weddings need some form of formal photography. I try and capture the whole day and that includes your guests. They are important people in your life and, once the magic of the wedding is over, it will be the photographs of the day that you will turn to time and time again to relive those moments.