Rob Hill Photographer

Rob Hill graduated from Kingston University, London in 1993 with a degree in graphic design and illustration. He has worked as an accomplished senior designer and world renowned award winning digital artist for companies such as Sony and Eidos, before deciding to set up his own design business Logorunner Design. His passion for photography started at a young age and has always been a part of his design career spanning more than two decades.

In 2011 he formed Urban Picnic Gallery and studio in Saffron Walden with a passion to produce and showcase fine art photography. His professionalism, high standards and keeness to show his talents means Rob still works as both a professional photographer and as director of Logorunner Design.

Urban Picnic Street Photography is a prestigious online street photography network and was founded by Rob in 2012. The communtity website showcases the talent of some of the best street photographers worldwide. An annual competition rewards the best photos with an exhibition and top prize. Rob finds great inspiration on a daily basis from uploaded work by other talented photographers.


“When I’m photographing someone’s wedding day, I not only get to combine my passions of portrait photography and documentary photography, I also get to have fun at the same time! Telling the story of a special day is always unique.”


Wedding photography has always been a keen interest for Rob as it provides great opportunities to combine two photographic passions, portraits and documentary photography. These combined create what he likes to call storytelling wedding photography.

Rob is now looking to establish his photographic skills and reputation in the fine art world of photography. He is inspired by the design art and fine art photography that is displayed at his Urban Picnic gallery and studio.